Why Cutymer?

  • Quality is our utmost priority.
  • We love what we do. The satisfaction we get when developing a new product is remarkable. We strive for contentment when a product in production turns out to be exceptional in terms of workmanship and quality. It’s these things that make us who we are, a company which strives for advancement.
  • All our factories are certified.
  • We ensure that our production partners provide a fair wage and strong working environment
  • We believe in transparency and always keeping the customer informed.
  • We provide our customers with every possible facility so that they are at ease once everything has been finalised. We assign teams to each customer and they look after everything from finalising the prices till shipping out the product.
  • We at Cuty Merchandising know that our success is ensuring our customers satisfaction with timely deliveries of product and with the best quality.
  • We care about our customers, our people and our production partners. We believe that’s the only path to success.
  • Our head office consists of merchandisers, quality control teams (working on AQL standards), designers and R&D teams who make sure that our customers product is exactly up to their standards.
  • Every day, we at Cuty Merchandising learn something new so we endeavour for continuous training and learning.
  • We strongly invest time and resources in Design and Product Development.
  • Customers always expect something new in terms of product or production spaces. Hence, we are always looking for new production partners to grow with.
  • We have a team of designers and product developers who stay in contact with the company’s designers in order to provide new ideas, fabrics or trims.
  • We attend shows all over the world so that we can provide our customers with fresh ideas.
  • We have teams of highly qualified professionals who have been handling International customers since years with the ability to understand their business needs.
  • We very often visit our customers wherever they maybe in order to discuss their developments and productions. This helps us form a better relationship in order to understand the customers requirement and to achieve them.
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