How it all began

Cuty Merchandising was started in 1988 by a man who had a vision to show the apparel industry all around the world what Pakistan can offer. With his hard work and determination, Cuty Merchandising grew to become an International Supplier.

Cuty Merchandising, a privately-owned company, is based in Lahore, in the heart of Pakistan which is home to the best cotton in the world. We believe that the hassle of managing the whole supply chain has taken a toll on many apparel company owners. We believe that by offering our services, they are able to focus more on sales and marketing and Cutymer as their partner can focus on product and quality.

We are one of the strongest suppliers out of Pakistan for Knits, denim and woven products. As far as diversity, quality, fabrication and product range experience is concerned, our customers find us to be very competitive.

We consider our employees as a valuable asset to our company. Our teams consist of skilled individuals who work every day with a goal of providing our customers with the best product.

We continue to grow our business by achieving results for our customers. We at Cutymer strongly believe in investing time and resources in developing a relationship for years to come with the product and the customer.

This is why relationships built at Cutymer are for a lifetime.

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